Western Zone Sports Day.

Amongst the 18 Newlands College students who attended the Western Zone Athletics were five Year 9 students, Tui-Aroha Fransen 9MW, Samantha Smith 9SO, Georgia Lincoln 9MW, Heta Mako 9TW, and Coren Lockhart 9WI.

Below, Tui-Aroha Fransen shares her impressions of the day:

At the beginning, I was feeling a bit nervous but, pumped for what the day had in store. I was filled with adrenalin!

Western Zones is all about being humble, supportive of others, having fun, being competitive and giving it your all! It is also a great opportunity to see how you compare to other athletes from different schools.

While competing in your events and going hundies is the main focus of the day, you also meet new people and have a blast! You’ll be surprised of how many links, bonds and friendships you make throughout the day:-)

At Western Zones, I was grateful enough to come 1st in high jump, long jump and placed in the 200m sprints. Due to my performance, I went through to Regionals then North Islands at the end of term 1.

At the end of this year I will be competing at Nationals:-D

This years Western Zone athletics was very enjoyable and I highly recommend that you have a go at this amazing opportunity next year!  


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