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Hospital Trip

Paige Keating (9WI) talks about the recent a recent opportunity for our Māoristudents to learn about the health industry by visiting Wellington Hospital.

A couple of weeks ago there was an amazing event held at Wellington Hospital for Māoristudents. Basically, the day started with a speech about what this event was mainly about. The purpose of the day was to encourage more Māori students to work in the health industry when they are older. This was a really cool experience and we got to meet lots of cool people. We learned heaps of different things from how to give someone anaesthetics to reading X-Rays. But my favourite part of the day was when we went into a surgery theatre and got to practice on a dummy that was worth $500,000. The dummy could breathe, talk, had a pulse, and even blinked. This experience definitely made me more interested in the health industry and was overall a very cool day.