Activities - Tech Challenge, Netball

Two Year 9 students give reports on activities they have been involved with recently.

Technology Challenge - Kimberley Zhu 9TW
On Thursday (the week before last week) Reagan, Jake, Katie and I went to Hutt Valley High School to compete in the Epro 8 competition. The competition was based around engineering and problem solving. We were given 5 problems and  in the problems were smaller challenges that gave you points. To win, we had to try and earn the most points. One of the challenges was about making a bed. We managed to complete a few of the tasks in it - like building the structure of the bed and making a light using solar panels. We were even able to reuse the bed’s structure to help us make a miniature fire truck(which was another task). We were able to complete around 3 out of  5 of the problems and came 3rd out of, around about, 10 schools. So, we will be going to the grand final at Onslow college in 2 weeks time. 

Netball - Shannon Rangi 9TW

I just finished with my netball team and I’ve had a great season with my squad and I was very proud because we made it into the finals and ended up coming 2nd from heaps of other teams around Wellington which was pretty cool. This term there are few sports coming up that you could play such as, Volleyball and touch so come and have a go if you feel like it’s the right sport for you. Sport is really fun where you can bond with new people so come along and join us if you wanna get pumped this term :)


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