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Arts Awards 2017

The Newlands College Arts Awards 2017 were held earlier this term, and it was a fantastic time to celebrate student achievements in the Arts this year.

It was fantastic to see such a large number of Year 9 students being acknowledged for their contributions to the Arts this year. And, just like the Sports Awards, our Year 9 is punching above it's weight!

Special acknowledgement to the following students:
Laura Stone (9SO) - Winner of the Newlands College Poetry Prize. Laura has had work accepted for publication in the forthcoming NZ Poetry Society anthology.Matua-Kore Ratana (9BU) - Kapa Haka Junior Boy of the YearTui-Aroha Fransen (9MW) - Kapa Haka Junior Girl of the YearToby Harding (9BU) - Newlands College Media Person of the YeatLaura Stone (9SO) & Emma Downey (9BU) - Junior Musician of the Year (Joint recipients) Teran Abeydeera (9SO) - Winner of the Year 9 Speech Competition
Well done to all the recipients of awards, and well done to all Year 9s involved in the Arts this …