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Year 9 Form Class Representatives

2017 Year 9 Form Class Representatives: Back row: Laura Stone (9SO), Jonny Anquetil (9BU), Chelsey Reid (9BU), Ayman Dean (9ST), Samuel Cooke (9TW) Front row: Lauren Sletcher (9WI), Cathy Cao (9TW), Paige Fairless (9SY), Harrison Stuart (9SO), George Shamon (9SY), Fawaz Khan (9WI) Absent: Baha Anas (9MW), Georgia Lincoln (9MW), Melodie Reddish (9ST)
At Newlands College, we value everyone’s ideas, feelings, and opinions. From Year 9s to Year 13s, we believe that every student voice should be heard. It is because of this, that every year a Student Executive is elected. It is the job of the Student Executive to listen to the ideas and feelings of the students of Newlands College, and find ways that they can make Newlands College a great experience for every student.
To enable this system to work more easily, and help the flow of communication, we also have two representatives from each form class. It is their job to:
Work closely and cooperatively with other Form Class Representatives, the Yea…

Peer Support Camp

Arriving at school on that morning, was no ordinary morning, but the morning of Peer Support Camp 2k17. Amongst all the remarkable activities,  the quality time that we spent with peers or even getting a chance to meet new people was enjoyable.

So many great memories and experiences happened on Peer Support Camp and here are just a few. Throughout the week, we rode horses, took a mini cruise tubing down the river, ran through muddy puddles, climbed at small hills, played some competitive volleyball,  shot some bulls-eye in archery chanted at the top of our lungs, swam in the rain. Got sling-shotted down the water-slide. Built some great trust in team initiative, and of course ate some scrumptious meals. We saw eels in the rivers,  a whole tree covered in some high fashion shoes which were most likely glued or stapled onto, and much more eye-catching scenery.  - Cathy Cao 9TW

Peer support camp, a load of fun. My favourite activity was archery tag. What is archery tag? Archery tag is dod…

Welcome to the Year 9 Blog for 2017!

Hello students, parents, families,

Welcome to the Year 9 Blog for 2017. The aim of this blog is to keep a record of the things that our year group are doing at school, and to share this with our parents. The intention is that much of the content will be provided by the students themselves.

So students, and parents, feel free to add this blog to your book marks, or if you'd like to be notified by email when there is a new entry, click on "subscribe" under the blog title above.

That's all from me for now,

Anthony Lander
Year 9 Dean
Newlands College